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NEW ATSlug Use of atmospheric tides to estimate the permeability of aquifers

This app uses the groundwater response to atmospheric pressure to calculate the hydraulic conductiviy of the subsurface surrounding the well screen. This method functions similarly to a natural "slug test" and is grounded in a well-documented, peer-reviewed approach.

NEW MUFACO Multi-factor correction of well water levels

Enables a flexible and simultaneous removal of multiple influences from measured well water levels using multi-factor regression deconvolution. This includes estimation of the individual responses, such as Barometric Response Function (BRF), Precipitation Response Function (PRF), Earth tide Response Function (ERF) or Oceanic Response Function (ORF).

BETCO-2 Barometric and Earth tide correction of well water levels

This app removes barometric and/or Earth tide influences from groundwater heads. It includes theoretical Earth tide calculation or automatic estimation of common harmonic components. BETCO-2 supersedes the software previously available as BETCO.

PyGTide Theoretical Earth tide calculator

This App calculates theoretical Earth tides for any location and time. It is a user interface for the python package PyGtide which in turn is based on ETERNA PREDICT.

SubTide Hydro-geomechanical properties estimator

This workflow estimates hydraulic and geomechanical properties from the groundwater response to Earth and atmospheric tides.

StatGrad Static hydraulic gradient calculation

This App calculates the static hydraulic gradient in three-dimensional space. Note that this requires water level and location measurements of at least four neighbouring wells.